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Discover About CAHRMA

CAHRMA, the Canadian Aboriginal Human Resource Management Association is a specialized, community-focused association that leverages national strength and unity to enable leaders and HR practitioners to enhance workplaces, develop knowledge and skill in people, and increase business profits. Empowering people with knowledge will assist Aboriginal people to enhance their business acumen and provide value-added services to their organizations and communities.


Our vision is to be a driving force to build better work environments for the Aboriginal communities to facilitate profitable and sustainable companies and offer a source – the association, to Aboriginal peoples across Canada, providing HR practitioners with similar issues while building relationships to address the challenges and strengthen their communities. The Association will offer a venue for networking, connections and education that blends HR practice with Aboriginal culture to assist Aboriginal peoples establishing their business practices in the Canadian community.


The purpose of the Association is to create a membership of Human Resource practitioners predominantly of Aboriginal descent to network and assist one another in the growth and performance of Human Resources (HR) related duties within Aboriginal communities. We recognize aboriginal peoples as defined by the Constitution Act as Indian, Metis and Inuit. The goal is to promote specialized and targeted HR practices and assist the aboriginal communities to understand and implement the legal policies and procedures towards building and enhancing strong business results and effective sustainable business performance.

CAHRMA will create:

  • Effective HR tools designed to compliment and support economic development and enhance business strategies that will assist communities in becoming self-sufficient in this competitive global economy.
  • A national membership network of HR practitioners to focuses on the specific needs and requirements of Aboriginal communities, businesses, and people.
  • Education and awareness that respects and celebrates the Aboriginal culture as an integral component within Canada, and within our world.
  • Professional certification through an established partnership with NNAHRA, the Native North American Human Resource Association.
  • Partnerships with organizations in the Aboriginal community, professional associations, provincial and federal government entities.