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Why First Nations Need Human Resource Technology


Canada has seen employment gains since December 2013, with 185,700 jobs added, which is good news for all Canadians. The Labour market outcomes for the aboriginal population have been improving too. According to a recent study by the Employment & Social Development Canada (ESDC), almost 40% of Aboriginal self-employed business owners create jobs for others. Ever wonder how so much employment data are being handled? Manually? Spreadsheets? If the past is any indication then most of these business owners are using manual approaches including the use of spreadsheets. As we know, spreadsheets and manual processes can be cumbersome, time-consuming and error-prone. Errors can be very costly. So costly that it`s hard to believe that you can save more than 65% of the amount that you are currently spending. Find it hard to believe, let us show you how.

Milton is in Human Resources and, among other things, is managing Time & Attendance for 50 employees currently and he’s doing it manually. Let’s look at each of the specific parts of this process to see exactly what it’s really costing Milton. The average hourly labour cost for Milton is $25, so the total yearly cost of manually completing and delivering the timesheets would be almost $4,200. Accounting for factors such as cost of errors, re-keying and notifying late filers, Milton’s initial cost of $4,200 increases to $7,300 each year. Not to mention the cost of paper or its impact on the environment.

Now if we compare those costs to Online Time & Attendance Software from ASL, Milton’s cost decreases to $2,500 each year or $50 per employee/year. A savings of over $4,800 plus Milton’s peace of mind knowing that he’s helping to minimize the impact on our environment. In addition, by giving employees access to tracking and managing their time, Milton is empowering and engaging people to be even more productive and enhancing overall performance for the group.

Aboriginal labour market programs are working to increase workforce participation and help Aboriginal Canadians prepare for, find and maintain jobs. With jobs requiring some post-secondary and/or apprenticeship training expected to grow 34.7% between 2010 and 2020, there is a serious need for Learning & Development tools such as Online Learning. ASL has been providing these kinds of tools for over 26 years, we can help you track, store, and manage your employees’ data. We can also deliver Online Learning and maintain a library of learning and training for your business or community.

As stated by ESDC “Aboriginal businesses are becoming key drivers of economic opportunity both in and outside Aboriginal communities. Not only do they create employment opportunities for the current labour force but are also essential for the future prosperity of Aboriginal Canadians”. Precisely, they generate opportunities for the growing number of young Aboriginal job searchers entering the labour market. An interesting but rarely discussed fact is that Aboriginal women entrepreneurship is growing at twice the rate of non-Aboriginal women, offering unique employment opportunities and financial independence as mentioned in ESDC’s Aboriginal Labour Market Bulletin. Automated tools and Human Resources Technology make it easier for these entrepreneurs to manage their growing businesses.

“Aboriginal businesses are becoming key drivers of economic opportunity both in and outside Aboriginal communities.”

It can rightly be said that Aboriginal communities have a bright future of increased economic prosperity and self-determination with the use of the right tools including HR Technology. ASL offers #HireToRetire Software, geared specifically for First Nations – systems-of-engagement instead of only systems-of-record. Applicant Tracking Software for Talent Acquisition, Online Learning for Learning & Development, Online Performance Management, Succession Planning and Online Timesheets for Time Management. With ASL’s Self-Service software you can give your employees an opportunity to manage their own time, vacation, leaves and more ultimately saving the business significant amounts of money. This ownership provides employees with a sense of responsibility and engagement. And isn’t that what is required of today’s generation, a sense of responsibility and engagement?

About ASL:

ASL is a leading provider of Human Resources Information Technology Products and Professional Services. As a leading provider of Human Resources Information Technology and Professional Services, ASL connects people with technology to enable an integrated enterprise. Since 1989, ASL has provided a comprehensive suite of HR software solutions including HRIS/HRMS, eRecruiting, Self-Service, Payroll, Learning and Performance Management and Time & Attendance to medium-sized and large organizations in Canada, The United States and internationally. Today, ASL’s technology is used in over 49 countries globally spanning The Americas, Caribbean, Europe, Middle-East/Africa and Asia/Pacific regions.

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